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Whether the floor you're seeking is for a dance studio, home studio, or a performance space, Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing offers top of the line dance floors options. Our dance floor systems are designed for all types of dance and result in the perfect balance of noise reduction, cushion, slip-resistance, and performance. With the most popular choices being wood and vinyl dance floors, we incorporate personal budget and studio style to create an optimal dance experience. Dance construction and design are an essential aspect of a professional dance floor and a thorough test of various dance floor designs will only lead to a better case scenario. Visiting our showroom is a simple way of predicting what dance floor will best suit your production needs.




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We often boast about going back three generations, but we also spend time looking ahead and planning for continued success in the field of gym floor refinishing. A design-build performance floor contractor, we've accomplished just what our founder set out to do back in 1972.

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