• Nov 05, 15
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Lakers and Magic compete and practice on Robbins sports floors Like both of these two great teams, Robbins continues its amazing run in NBA championship finals. Once again, both finalists practice and compete on Robbins sports flooring systems. No one understands more about the interaction between athlete and floor and it shows in our industry-leading designs that improve comfort, safety and performance for players of all skill levels. People who know, choose Robbins.


  • Including this year’s winner, 19 of the past 23 NBA champions played their home games on a Robbins’ system! Over the same time span, more than two-thirds of the teams that reached the finals played their home games on a Robbins’ court.
  • 90% of all NBA teams have at one time or another owned a Robbins’ competition or practice floor.
  • More NBA teams currently practice and compete on Robbins’ game courts than all other manufacturers combined.
  • Many of today’s NBA stars train in Chicago on the most biomechanically advanced sports flooring system in the world today, Robbins’ MVP™ system.
  • Robbins innovations in sports flooring design have led to more than 25 patents with additional patents pending.


Robbins, Inc. is the premier supplier of high performance maple and synthetic sports flooring systems to the NBA, NCAA, Olympics, arena, education, religious and fitness markets. In more than 60 nations around the world athletes compete and practice on millions of square meters of Robbins’ Sport Surfaces. Professional and amateur alike know that when they play on a high performance Robbins’ system they’ll be able to play at peak levels, safely and comfortably.