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The skill of finish-recoating deserves recognition. Here, at Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing, we take pride in our finish recoating service and accomplish over 4 million square feet of finish perfection annually. Specialists in the field, Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing consistently transforms gym floors into works of art. Our talented team of professionals work together until the ultimate finish recoating result is achieved.

Gym floor refinishing serves a purpose. Wood loses luster if it is not perserved. Professional gym floor refinishing highlights the grain and the beauty of the wood itself. Neglected floors can become unsalvageable, leading to expensive removal and replacement. To avoid this possiblity, we urge you to refinish and recoat with Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing.

Gym floors experience more wear than a typical hardwood residential floor, in fact gym floors take a constant beating and require preventive maintenance. Refinishing helps protect the original surface and contributes to the overall look, feel, and durability of the gym floor. We seek the highest gym floor standards and we encourage you to do the same.

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We often boast about going back three generations, but we also spend time looking ahead and planning for continued success in the field of gym floor refinishing. A design-build performance floor contractor, we've accomplished just what our founder set out to do back in 1972.

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